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Tip of the Month :: What Can You Get Rid of Today?

I heard a quote the other day that made me laugh, but I quickly realized there was a lot of truth in those words.

The quote said “You will never see a U Haul following a funeral procession.”

That comment reminded me about how much “stuff” we accumulate in the course of a life time. Most of this stuff consists of things we don’t really use or need. It just happens to come into the house and unless we are vigilant, never leaves!

Well, de-cluttering doesn’t have to be a huge overwhelming process. There are little things we can do every day that will help us keep only the things we love, use and most importantly, need.

Here’s a list of 5 things you can let go of this week.

  1. Magazines – If two months have gone by and you haven’t read that magazine next to your bed, consider getting rid of it today. If you haven’t read the article that originally caught your attention, chances are you will not get to it. Your magazines can be recycled, donated to a retirement home or your doctor’s waiting room. Just make the decision today and act on it today!

  2. Plastic Containers – Do you have a collection of mis-matched plastic containers in your kitchen cabinets? Go through them and make sure every bottom has a lid. Recycle those that do not. Be realistic about how many plastic containers you really need.

  3. Flower Vases – Are you the type of person who has fresh cut flowers around the house all the time? If you are not, then keep the number of vases you have to a minimum. An easy choice to make for disposal or donation, are the vases that come with flowers we receive. No need to keep them. They are not decorative and take up a lot of room. They can be easily recycled.

  4. Food – In the course of my work helping clients get ready to move, we always find lots of food sitting in cabinets that we will most likely never eat. Don’t wait until you are moving to go through your pantry and dispose of items that are expired. Take a little time to do it now. If you find things that are still good, then consider using it within the next week. If you know it was a choice that just isn’t appealing to you, then your local food pantry is a great place for it. There are many people in need who can use it.

  5. Books – I know books are a touchy subject. Many people believe that books are an important part of their lives. They believe the books they have “souls” and are difficult to discard. I agree that books hold special places our lives. That is why honoring them by keeping them organized and safe from damage is important. Keep only books you are sure to read/read again. Just like magazines, if you have had a book for a long time and not gotten around to reading it, consider giving it away. Local libraries are one resource for unwanted books. If a local retirement community or nursing home has a library they will usually be happy to take books. See if there is a “Half Price Books” store near you. They will pay you to take your books. Visit to find a store near you.

I’m sure as you take a look around the house you will see little pockets of stuff that has accumulated. Do you tell yourself “Ugh, I have to go through that stuff and get rid of it” every time you walk past it? Well, take some time this week and do it! Keep the project small and simple. Don’t tackle something that will make a mess or be left unfinished. Most importantly, be ready to make decisions! If you struggle with making decisions about what to do, get someone to work with you.


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