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Organizing Tip :: January is Go Month (Get Organized Month)

If you had to choose one month out of the year that could be dedicated to “getting organized”, what month would it be? Well, NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) has chosen January of each year to dedicate itself to promoting Organization as a way to start the New Year right.

We all make New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s to lose that last 10 pounds or quit smoking. In recent years getting organized is at the top of many people’s list of resolutions. People are realizing disorganization is costing them money and causing them chaos.

Ok, so now you’ve decided this is the year to get organized, what next? How do you start? What are your priorities?

In many cases the hardest part of the organizing process is rolling up your sleeves and just doing it. Once you have planned to set aside the time, start small. Maybe just a shelf or drawer to get you motivated. Just be sure to have a plan for what you want to keep and what you’re ready to let go of.

If you find the process daunting, consider hiring a Professional Organizer. An organizer will bring structure and helpful ideas to your organizing project. They will support you and give you the encouragement you need to make the hard decisions.

This is the time of year to do it!

Professional Organizers around the country are putting on all types of events during GO MONTH. Look for workshops, volunteer projects, and community education – all to increase awareness about the importance of getting ORGANIZED.

Be an active participant in GO MONTH. Call Fresh Look Home if you’re ready to start the year off right.

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