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Organizing Tip :: Get Organized in a Bad Economy

We all know that disorganization costs us money.

A bad economy makes these costs even more apparent. We can no longer afford to buy duplicates of things we already have in our home. We can’t afford to lose things that we spent good money for. Most of all we really need to stay on top of our credit ratings and payment histories.

If you’ve always had that nagging feeling that your “organizational” situation was not financially healthy, then maybe now is the time to start getting things back on track. Start slowly. Think about what is costing you the most and resolve to do something about it.

The following are some suggestions for the most common areas where organization can save us money.

Your Finances:

Now is the time to set up a top notch filing system. Whether you purchase an already made filing system or create one on your own, the filing system should be easy to use and make sense for how you think about your papers. You'll need a folder for bills (or possibly multiple folders by bill type) and another one for receipts and another for essential mail. Having a folder system will give you quick access to whatever information you're looking for later.

Don’t let your mail pile up. Every time you go to the mailbox take a couple of minutes to sort through it. Gather the bills and put them into a “To Be Paid” inbox. Make sure this inbox is visible, handy and won’t be used to store other papers. Check the “To Be Paid” box every week.

If getting bills into the mail on time doesn’t work for you, set up electronic bill paying through your bank. This is helpful because it keeps your payment history electronically and you can set up recurring payments to make sure bills are paid when they’re due. No more late fees!!

Put manufacturer rebates or limited time offers in a place where you will be sure to get to them. While it can be an ordeal to fill out the forms and cut out UPC codes, keeping up with rebates saves money. Avoid leaving the required paperwork in the bag or the bottom of your purse. If you miss the window for these deals that money is gone forever.
Be diligent about shredding personal and confidential documents. Identity theft costs us millions of dollars each year.

Your Home:

An organized home allows us to be aware of what we have in it.

When you have an organized pantry, you don’t buy duplicates of groceries you already have. How many times have you bought cleaning products or paper supplies that you didn’t really need?

Clear out the closets. You just might find the sweater you bought months ago and forgot you had.

Don’t overfill your fridge. If you can’t see what you have in it, you can’t make good meal planning decisions. Food you don’t eat because you didn’t see it before it went bad costs money.

The possibility to save money lies in our home and habits. Try expanding your focus from simply watching your pennies to trimming your wastefulness. When you get organized, you will be amazed how much money you will save.

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