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Organizing Tip :: Enjoy the Warm Weather and Get Organized too!

Getting organized and enjoying the warm weather may seem like two things that don’t really go together. Well, I’m going to tell you, that when done with the right attitude and the right plan, you can get organized and enjoy the pleasant days of spring and summer too.

I'm not going tell you that spring cleaning is the most fun you can have on a nice warm day, but you’ll find it's very rewarding when it’s all done. Here are some ideas to help you get outside and get organized.

* The biggest and hardest job to do when the weather warms up is clean out the garage. You may want to tackle this job first because once it’s done every other job will be a breeze by comparison.

Organizing a garage is much easier when there is less stuff in it. Clearing the garage of unwanted, unnecessary items is the first step before it can be organized. Take everything out and decide what can be discarded, sold or donated.

Once the space is cleared, gather similar items together. For example, winter tools, shovels and salt or gardening tools, lawnmowers, hoses etc. Do the same with summer gear the family will be using such as sporting equipment, pool toys and lawn games. Designate areas in the garage to hold the items that have been categorized. Make sure to label the designated areas to remind everyone where things belong.

* Now that we no longer need our winter coats, take them to be cleaned. Make sure loose buttons are sewn and rips are mended. Toss out mismatched gloves and hats.

* Gather the sunscreen, bug repellent and sunburn lotion together and put it where you can easily find it. Be sure to check expiration dates if you’re using products from last year.

* Put together a “grab and go bag” that contains bathing suits, sunscreen, toys and insect repellent. Keep it where it’s easily accessible.

* Finally, make some plans with your family. Chicago and the nearby suburbs offer free festivals, concerts, art fairs, and more. Why not take some time and find out what's happening in your town? Then, schedule some time on your calendar to have some fun!

Get out there and enjoy the nice weather. Have a great and Organized Summer!!

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