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Organizing Tip :: Is it Time To Downsize?

Throughout the course of our lives we experience many transitional moments. Marriage, family, first home. Most of these moments include acquiring things.

Then, as we get older, something happens and we realize what we have is no longer necessary. We start to feel burdened by all of the stuff. Here we are, trying to decide what to do about it all.

I have helped many older adults start the downsizing process. From my experience, starting the downsizing process as soon as possible is the best course of action. We want to be in control of what we keep and what we let go of. Don’t let an illness, accident or financial difficulty force you to make decisions you are not ready to make.

But how do we decide what we really need? My answer to that is simple. Be honest about what your life is like right now and what you want it to be in the future.

This can be hard to deal with. Our identity is defined by what we do and what we have. I often hear from clients: “I am a golfer or I love to knit, I love to cook.” But when pressed, many of my older clients admit they haven’t done those activities in a long time or it’s getting harder for them to do it well.

Is admitting you don’t golf anymore a bad thing?

We are always evolving. Learn to see your life as it is today. Focus on new interests or activities that you have. Maybe you have joined book clubs or taken classes at the local college. You always wanted to learn how to paint. This acknowledgement will make it so much easier to let go of a dusty set of golf clubs in the garage.

Once you know what you want or need for your life as it is today you will find the downsizing process becomes so much easier. Start with small spaces. Make sure those areas you tackle are completely done before moving on to another space.

Of course, when in doubt, contact a Professional Organizer! An Organizer will help you develop the downsizing plan, help with the physical work and have lots of resources ready to help get things done.ou were ever going to get organized, this is the time of year to do it!


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