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Moving / Downsizing

Moving / DownsizingFact: Moving is disruptive.

Your possessions are packed into boxes, the familiar gives way to the unknown, and chaos takes over. The downsizing process can be prompted by many things. The need for a simpler life, or realizing our lives are different than they were many years ago. Whatever the reason, knowing what to do with all the things we collect in a lifetime can be overwhelming.


It doesn't have to be that way.


Whether you are choosing to eliminate things you no longer want or need or moving to a smaller space, A well-planned process will help reduce stress, eliminate clutter from your life, and let you begin a happy life in a new home.


Moving/Decluttering services include:

  • Help with deciding what to take with you
  • Assistance with finding resources for items being donated or sold
  • Help with making decisions about what you no longer want or need
  • Making a floor plan / Arranging furniture
  • Assistance with packing
  • Unpacking and putting things away in their designated place

Let Anna help you with decluttering your home or organizing your move.