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Client Testimonials

Here are just a few of our many happy clients. Fresh Look Home was pleased to help them organize their space and bring order to their lives.

"Before I found Anna, I thought that only Oprah and Nate Berkus hired professional organizers! Then I went online and found out there were lots of organizers in the Chicagoland area. Anna was the one who responded to my email. She came for a 45 minute FREE consultation, and we seemed to get along well so we agreed on a number of sessions. Over a four month period - with many, many breaks, I might add - Anna has helped me move to a new apartment and gotten me completely organized which included packing my storage units and making diagrams of boxes so I could find them. (Oh, she labeled the boxes as well!)

This is the first time in my life that I've been organized! Anna is very patient and didn't make me throw out anything that I didn't want to throw out. She has lots of energy! I will be grateful for the rest of my life for Anna's help and for what she has taught me about classification, sorting and recycling. And, I had a great time working with her!"

- Susan

"I refer to Anna as Saint Anna because she has changed my life from a shambles to an approximation of organization."

Linda - Wilmette, IL

"Anna helped me to organize my office. She met my exact needs and was in and out quickly! She told me what I was already doing right and where to make adjustments."

Laurel – Lake Forest, IL

"Anna was very courteous and efficient. I was concerned about my ability to keep things neat once she left, but Anna was full of valuable ideas to prevent my clutter from coming back. I would definitely hire her back."

Trisha – Chicago, IL



"I was very pleased with Anna’s flexibility in working within my schedule. She helped me to commit the time to this project that seemed overwhelming to me and gave me tools I can use/apply on my own now. The biggest part of the help for me was having the time committed on my calendar to complete the project. I have more to go, but Anna definitely helped me with the biggest part of the problem. I had so many business papers everywhere that I didn't know where to look to find anything--now I have a filing system in place and everything just looks so much better. Thank you, Anna!"

Kim L. – Schaumburg, IL



"Anna was great. She gave me a free estimate on my project and we were able to complete it in 3 hours."

Margaret B. Mount Prospect, IL